Delivery Drivers!

Delivering the Goods


As you know, I am always quick to praise my amazing team of suppliers – without them I would literally be pulling my hair out at times.

Let’s have a look though at those behind the scenes, the ones that don’t so readily get the praise but without whom the job really couldn’t happen – the amazing delivery drivers.

Asked by their Managers to deliver as quickly as possible, these drivers really have to puzzle together what goes where, when and how, working to tight schedules with demanding clients expecting the impossible (I have been known to email at closing time and expect delivery the next morning) theirs can be a thankless task – but, they manage it and always with a smile.

So, big thank you to all our wonderful, regular drivers, muchly appreciated.




Getting To The Root Of The Problem…

Getting to the root of the problem…when the root IS the problem!!


Imagine going on-site with a tight schedule, you start digging and…. there’s a massive great root just staring at you!

Action stations, emergency machinery brought in, much tugging and pushing, not much movement!

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After several hours of inch by inch painful excavation the huge monstrosity is dealt with… and the offending article eventually disposed of via a chipper.

Hot Tub Time Machine.

Getting ready for fantastic hot tub fun!

hot tub base

Everyone is getting prepared for the hotter weather – what do we do though when it’s not as great as expected?

Build a garden room with a hot tub of course!

To get this spot on took some doing – measurement is everything in this game, of course though we did it!

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The client is now eagerly awaiting the construction of the garden room itself and obviously the main thing… the hot tub. Enjoy!


Come rain or shine, my team are awesome!

terrace building

Last week saw them working in the sweltering heat preparing for what was initially a small terrace that has since grown to include all manner of additions – all packed into a very short time frame – this has seen the boys toiling until 9 o’clock in the evening, producing some amazing results!

I’m very proud of their dedication, attention to detail and sheer determination to ‘get the job done’ whatever the obstacles thrown their way.

Go Team Jones!

Cover Up..

Blending into the surroundings…

tarmac carport

A client (and great friend) of ours runs a small business necessitating a ‘white van’, although an amazing vehicle it was felt that it was a little conspicuous!

Between us, we planned a solution – a wooden framed, green roofed car port, tucked in a corner amid a natural setting of trees and shrubs, it blends in perfectly whilst offering suitable cover for the new wagon!

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Finished with a lovely tarmac base, extending to meet the existing driveway, job done!

Up On The Roof.

Up on the roof….

tractor shed roof

More and more we are being asked to do roofing – whilst we will not touch a typical traditional roof (we’ll leave that to the professionals), we are getting involved more and more in the agricultural type.

This roofing is lightweight, waterproof, weatherproof and blends in very well to the countryside.

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Quick and relatively simple to install (if you know what you’re doing) this forms an almost immediate fix for any of your roofing problems.

Blending In The New..

Blending the new with the old..

door step

The historic Market Town of Petworth boasts some beautiful examples of olde-worlde properties, untouched for many years.

When it comes to up-dating the grounds of these, great care has to be taken to fit in with the building itself.

Unfortunately, to emulate the original stone etc used can be difficult and often way above budget – reclamation yards charge a fortune!!!


Luckily, these days there are many alternatives and with the able assistance of our supplier we are able to match/tone as closely as possible the materials for a fraction of the cost, enhancing not decreasing the beauty of the property.

Once weathered in, the difference is negligible.