Behind the scenes

The battle of the paperwork!


It’s not all about what happens on site – it’s how it starts….. the quotation process.

We offer free, no obligation quotations but what do these entail? Well! First it’s the site meets, the measuring, the discussion to ascertain exactly what the clients vision is. Then comes the calculation of quantities, estimating exactly what is needed to do the job.

Passed onto the office for the final parts including the sourcing of materials and procuring of prices, the working out of labour and machinery required and finally the compilation of the quote and sending to the client.

Late nights are the norm!



Say goodbye to the summer

The end of the summer.


Sadly it seems that summer is done, the darker, cooler days are creeping ever closer.

We enjoyed the remainder of the hot sun working at our favourite place – a farm in the middle of the great Sussex countryside.

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Ditching, clearing, fencing, generally getting it all ship shape for the coming months.

This a place we come back to time and again, come rain or shine, snow or heat, there is always something to do!


Log store construction roofing


Cost effective log store construction!

Back again we go to one of our regular clients, this time to construct a simple log-store using minimal materials to make it as cheap as possible.

Decent timber will last a long time and we have a fabulous supplier who makes sure we get the best, so using posts and boards we constructed a sturdy, practical log-store, angled to keep the stored logs dry. Topped with roofing that the client had ‘lying around’ it really has made for a decent project that hasn’t broken the bank.

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Swimming Pool Excavation

It seems summer has (once again) reared its beautiful sunny head.


What better for this week’s blog post then than the excavation for and installation of a large outdoor swimming pool!

Sometimes, things just happen, with a full diary, happily moving through the summer, we received a phone call from a lady who had ordered a fibre glass swimming pool from abroad. Yes? Ah, slight problem – they’ve just informed her that the delivery date is less than a fortnight away, no preparation has been done, what does she do?!

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Not ever wanting to let anyone down, we jiggled and juggled and managed to squeeze in the tightest of spots to accommodate the lady and her imminent pool!

Machinery delivered, long days (and evenings) ahead, the team dug and levelled and checked and dug and levelled some more!

The following Monday, with a huge hole in the ground waiting, the very large lorry arrived and deposited the pool – perfect fit, ready for connection. Just in time for the summer!


Surface Dressing

Surface dressing


As you all know, we love doing and take pride in our tarmac driveways, guaranteeing them for quality and longevity, did you know though, that if we cannot offer that assurance, we would rather out-source to someone that can.

With an array of amazing sub-contractors we regularly work with, and for, we are lucky to be able to provide the given service and to be able to guarantee it.

One such was a recent driveway, subcontracted by another firm to do the tarmacking – he had already prepared it, we then sub-contracted again to a finial firm for the surface dressing.

Trust and confidence in each sub-contractor is paramount and we are very fortunate to have found some amazing people to enable us to complete a project to the highest quality.


Demolition at its best!

Now you see it… now you don’t

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Some of you might have seen the recent Facebook posts about our latest (and ongoing) project.

The client has plans for a brand new house on the same plot, with the original being a bungalow, permission has only been given for a single storey dwelling.

No worries – we’ll construct a basement…..

Heavy machinery and lots of lorry loads of ‘muck-away’ later and we’re finally getting to the bottom of it (ha ha).

Keep your eyes peeled for stage two.

Drainage for a kitchen extension

Meeting their drainage needs!

patio trenching

We were contacted a year ago by a client who was proposing to have a kitchen extension built, our part was the drainage – there was simply insufficient there supply the additional needs of the property.

Not the easiest of jobs as the patio area was a moulded stone meaning we had to cut a complete trench through it as opposed to simply lifting the slabs and working underneath.

Of course, having a skilled team is crucial and certainly pays off on projects like this!

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Cutting a trench as close to the property as possible, still allowing the space for the necessary drainage materials whilst being super aware that everything we were doing would be visible, we got the pipework in and connected.

Filling the trench in with a concrete mixed with a yellow sand to blend into the patio we then marked out lines to match the existing mouldings, a job well done and a happy client!


company collaboration

Company Collaboration.

hot tub decking

We are lucky enough in the construction industry to meet and collaborate with other skill groups from the sector, this is the perfect example…

So, you remember some time ago we completed an extraordinary base for a hot tub and garden room?

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It’s always nice to see what is constructed on what we do, and thanks to the lovely Nick from West Sussex Fencing supplying after photographs of his part of the project, the fabulous decking, showing how he worked his magic to complete what is a spectacular looking end result!

We look forward to working with Nick in the future.

paved pathway

Crazy paved pathway.

paved pathway

Sometimes the simple things make all the difference.

Here, an existing client had a small area that was going to waste and was detracting from the beautiful new sandstone patio we had previously laid.

Using the leftover slabs we constructed a ‘crazy paved’ pathway, blending in, making a valuable, usable space and resulting in a happy client.


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Groundwork – Behind The Scenes.

Behind the scenes, where preparation is the key.

aggregate transport

We all see people on site, working away, within their specified hours, BUT, how does everything get to site?

Well, outside of the accepted working times are hours worth of preparation when you run your own company.

Loading up materials, movement of machinery to site, making sure every possible tool required is to hand. Phew, and that’s BEFORE any of the actual project is started.

Who said being your own boss is easy.