Swimming Pool Excavation

It seems summer has (once again) reared its beautiful sunny head.


What better for this week’s blog post then than the excavation for and installation of a large outdoor swimming pool!

Sometimes, things just happen, with a full diary, happily moving through the summer, we received a phone call from a lady who had ordered a fibre glass swimming pool from abroad. Yes? Ah, slight problem – they’ve just informed her that the delivery date is less than a fortnight away, no preparation has been done, what does she do?!

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Not ever wanting to let anyone down, we jiggled and juggled and managed to squeeze in the tightest of spots to accommodate the lady and her imminent pool!

Machinery delivered, long days (and evenings) ahead, the team dug and levelled and checked and dug and levelled some more!

The following Monday, with a huge hole in the ground waiting, the very large lorry arrived and deposited the pool – perfect fit, ready for connection. Just in time for the summer!