Drainage for a kitchen extension

Meeting their drainage needs!

patio trenching

We were contacted a year ago by a client who was proposing to have a kitchen extension built, our part was the drainage – there was simply insufficient there supply the additional needs of the property.

Not the easiest of jobs as the patio area was a moulded stone meaning we had to cut a complete trench through it as opposed to simply lifting the slabs and working underneath.

Of course, having a skilled team is crucial and certainly pays off on projects like this!

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Cutting a trench as close to the property as possible, still allowing the space for the necessary drainage materials whilst being super aware that everything we were doing would be visible, we got the pipework in and connected.

Filling the trench in with a concrete mixed with a yellow sand to blend into the patio we then marked out lines to match the existing mouldings, a job well done and a happy client!