Cowboy’s & Insurance, Beware!

Yay! The Suns out…. Boo! So are the cowboy’

Would you consider not having household insurance? What about the policy on your car? Holiday? No? Then why would you consider commissioning work on your outside area – driveways, drainage, seating areas etc without adequate cover, both for your own property, safety and the numerous dangers of damage to utilities (massive money!!!)

It is especially important – indeed vital – for us in the Construction Industry to have first class cover and any Company worth their reputation wouldn’t even think twice.

So, before you accept that ‘very cheap quote’, check the credentials – a copy of  Public Liability Insurance should be made readily available as should any other necessary licences. Are they offering it so cheaply for ‘cash’, this is illegal and will also negate any of your rights, to do a job cheaply is to fail to do a job properly.

We find it heartbreaking to be called to people’s houses where they have spent thousands on a job that now needs rectifying. Not fair at all.


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