Charmingly Curvaceous! A Look Back In time

Charmingly Curvaceous! A look back in time to April 2016.

charmingly curvaceous

This was such a wonderful project to manage, I thoroughly enjoyed sourcing materials, discussing with the clients at every step, brilliant! The end result was wonderful (I would expect nothing less of the team) and everyone was very happy. Having visited since – I can report that the work is still looking fabulous and furthermore we have been re-booked for another project, watch this space!

The brief, a new patio and pathway area – working with a relatively modern house, surrounded by a beautiful and traditional garden – an absolute magnet for wildlife – something to blend with the building yet flow with the grounds was needed

So rather than a sharp, angular area, a softer, curvaceous look was decided upon, using a blend of golden tones which tied in beautifully with both the property and its surroundings

With large areas to demolish, excavate and reshape (before the laying even begins) work began in earnest – myself and the client helped by drinking tea and looking on…..

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Perfection was paramount on this – curves are quite unforgiving as we found out and many a cut was made!

With the added bonus of recycling the old slabs into a useful pathway away from the new area, the site was left clean and tidy and once the table and chairs were back in place it was all ready to use

The clients are delighted with it and we look forward to re-visiting them


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