The Year Of The Base

So, this time of year, February/March and your thoughts start turning to the advent of the better weather and in turn how you are going to enjoy it. This time last year was no exception and we quoted and undertook numerous concrete bases for lots of different constructions. Have a look through at some of last years and get yours planned and booked in for this coming season!concrete base for garden room

Concrete, concrete everywhere! Probably the dullest, most unattractive of material – but definitely the most necessary in pretty much all aspects of hard landscaping

Forming the basis for everything from the humble shed base, to the slab beneath a beautiful new patio to the stronger than strong foundations that are a must for extensions and buildings. Can we get away without it? Not really if you want to guarantee that whatever is constructed on top stays on top!!!

People are often surprised by the cost of what they see as “just a bit of concrete” – let me show you what a standard specification entails;

the excavation of the proposed area to the recommended depth for the project and the disposal of spoil. Timber shuttering of the same to form the ‘mould’ in which the concrete will be poured. The supply and lay on membrane of a suitable stone sub-base, rolled and compacted. The supply and lay of steel reinforcing to the entire area. The supply and pour of recommended specification concrete,  levelled and finally the removal of the framework

So… “just a bit of concrete”?????




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