Running up that hill!!


Recently we had the pleasure of working in the beautiful Surrey countryside

Our  mission …. to transform a large, steep, grassed garden into a tidy and practical  driveway and car port area  whilst not obstructing the stunning view

Shored up with tea and biscuits from the lovely lady of the house, our fabulous team worked their socks off demolishing, excavating, building up and levelling to make a workable area

A brick wall was constructed together with the installation of a sleeper version  – with the gradients we were working with these had to be to top specification!

brick wall

Once the drainage, edgings and timber framework were installed we were ready to complete the project

Once the sub-base had been laid and compacted we were ready for the tarmac – with no access for a tarmac lorry!!

So, imagine being at the bottom of a steep hill and what you need being at the top….  yep, this is what the boys were facing – with the added challenge of being against the clock!

Wheelbarrows at the ready then!

Lets just say that once the work had finished (and looking amazing I must say) the team limped off for a very much deserved pint or two


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