The Incredible Shrinking Machine!

A lot of homes these days have very limited access to the gardens or space behind them, ours included. So what do you do when you need something doing that requires more than you can physically achieve? Leave it because you think its an impossibility? Use a different option to the one that you really want?

Think again!!

With adjustable tracks, our mini digger shrinks to a width of just 710mm – with the average front door being 900mm you get the picture!

So, now you’ve got the wherewithal of getting suitable machinery into the back garden… hang on, you think, if its that small then its not going to very effective

Think again!!

Despite being small, our digger has the capability and digging depth of a much bigger machine making easy work of excavation, landscaping, footings and the like

So now you’ve got the digger into your back garden, what do you do with it??

Nothing!! We do the lot!

Man and machine, delivered and operated, fully insured with competitive day rates – what are you waiting for??


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